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He also:

  • told Neville to stand up to people
  • confronted a full-sized mountain troll to save a girl he couldn’t stand
  • said it didn’t matter whether someone was a pureblood, half-blood, or Muggle-born
  • gave Dobby his sweater
  • faced a bunch of giant spiders in the hopes of saving the school and clearing Hagrid’s name
  • told Luna he loved her Quidditch commentary, and very sincerely tried to convince her he wasn’t teasing her
  • stood up on a broken leg, trying to protect Harry
  • gave up his grudge against Hermione the moment he learned how much she, Hagrid, and Buckbeak needed him
  • realized he was wrong about Harry putting his name in the Goblet of Fire, and promptly went to apologize
  • jumped into a freezing pond to save Harry and retrieve the Sword of Gryffindor
  • confronted his best friend to prevent his sister’s heart being broken any further than it already was
  • begged Bellatrix to torture him in place of Hermione
  • couldn’t break up with a girl who drove him nuts because he didn’t want to hurt her feelings
  • remembered the Hogwarts House Elves when no one else did, and wanted to make them evacuate, rather than order them to fight
  • tried to go back to Harry and Hermione as soon as he left them
  • didn’t make excuses for leaving, he came right out and admitted he had been wrong
  • didn’t get angry at Hermione for taking a long time to forgive him
  • saved Tonks’s life (while impersonating Harry to lower Harry’s chances of being killed, at the same time increasing his own)
  • told Hermione not to curse Draco, even though he hates him

In conclusion, Ron is awesome. The end.

and he put his shoes and socks on dobby to be buried in because he knew how much dobby loved clothes. disliking ron weasley’s character makes 0 sense.

reblogging for the 100th time because ronald.

My baby.


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Different Perspective PART IV

I think it’s part 4 anyway(?) ———————————————————-

Four days. That’s how long he goes without seeing her. Instead they send in a nurse who’s always fidgeting and talks a mile a minute. It aggravates Bucky and even Steve has trouble keeping calm.

The nurse quits after Bucky tells him to stop talking. Steve berates him but Bucky’s not at all regretful.


It doesn’t take long for them to move him to another room. This one’s bigger than the last and more white. Bucky feels closed in despite the size and he thinks that maybe it’s because Steve isn’t here with him today.

A man walks in 15 minutes after he does and his face immediately puts Bucky off. It’s hard and cruel and reminds Bucky too much of the unpleasant feeling he gets whenever he dreams.

This time the man doesn’t leave even after how uncooperative Bucky tries to be.

Steve comes back a week later and finds it admirable. Bucky just hates the man.



[slowly leans against the wall to look cool and mysterious] so— [it turns out that the wall is actually a door] [a door that isn’t fully shut] [and it ends up opening and i fall through] haha would you look at that. found that secret entrance we were looking for. all according to plan. my plan. i did that on purpose. it was part of my method. to find the door. and i did. i found it. here it is. i’m getting up now





Bromeo and Dudeliet, a forbidden bromance between two bros in rival fraternities, in fair Vebrona where we lay our scene

Two frat houses, broth alike in dignity

in fair Verbrona where we lay our scene

From mancient grudge break to new dudetiny

Where civil blood makes civil mands unclean

Bromeo Bromeo, no homeo

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